Linux listing GPIOs

A little help from my friend Tinti

mount -t debugfs none /sys/kernel/debug/
cd /sys/kernel/debug/

cat gpio

GPIOs 0-31, gpio-0:
gpio-0 (pcmc-pwren ) out hi
gpio-1 (cam-pwdn2 ) out lo
gpio-2 (io_exp-int ) in hi irq-130 edge-falling wakeup
gpio-3 (gpio1_3 ) out lo
gpio-5 (cam-reset ) out hi
gpio-6 (cam-pwdn1 ) in hi irq-134 edge-falling
gpio-7 (vcc3v75-en ) out hi
gpio-8 (pmic-int ) in lo irq-136 level-high wakeup
gpio-9 (ign_ap ) in hi irq-137 edge-falling wakeup

GPIOs 32-63, gpio-1:
gpio-33 (modem_dsren ) out hi
gpio-34 (bt_rst ) out lo
gpio-42 (gps-en ) out hi
gpio-43 (fm_rx_en ) out lo
gpio-44 (fec_pwren ) out hi
gpio-45 (dvr_pwren ) out hi
gpio-46 (zigbee-dd ) in hi irq-174 edge-both wakeup
gpio-47 (charger-enn ) out lo
gpio-48 (usbh1_pwren ) out hi
gpio-49 (phoenix-en ) out hi
gpio-50 (sdhc1-detect ) in lo irq-178 edge-rising
gpio-51 (hdmi_det ) in hi irq-179 edge-falling
gpio-52 (zigbee-dclk ) out hi
gpio-53 (ifen_hosdet ) in hi irq-181 edge-falling wakeup
gpio-56 (bt-host-wake ) in hi
gpio-57 (wlan_pwr ) out hi
gpio-58 (bt-wake ) out hi
gpio-63 (gsensor_int ) in lo irq-191 edge-rising

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