Changing 2G mode to 3G mode

This command is based on Huawei spec:
AT^SYSCFG Huawey command reference

To see the supported values, you can query your own modem sending the “AT^SYSCFG=?” command.

13=GSM only
14=WCDMA only
16=no Change

1=GSM prefered
2=WCDMA prefered
3=no Change

3fffffff = All
other (query list with “AT^SYSCFG=?”)

0=Not Supported
2=no Change

0=Circuit-Switched only
1=Packet-Switched only
2=Circuit- & Packet-Switched
4=no Change

^SYSCFG:(2,13,14,16),(0-3),((80000,”GSM850″),(200000,”GSM1900″),(400380,”GSM900/GSM1800/WCDMA2100″),(4a80000,”GSM850/GSM1900/WCDMA850/WCDMA1900″),(3fffffff,”All Bands”)),(0-2),(0-4)

You can find more at:

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