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Android ppp script to NXP Modem


# An unforunate wrapper script # so that the exit code of pppd may be retrieved

# this is a workaround for issue

#651747#trap “/system/bin/sleep 1;exit 0” TERM

/system/bin/setprop “net.gprs.ppp-exit” “”
/system/bin/log -t pppd “Starting pppd”
#/system/xbin/pppd $*

# pppd was put into /system/bin instead of /system/xbin after SDK1.6#/system/bin/pppd /dev/ttyACM0 115200 mru 1280 mtu 1280 nodetach debug dump defaultroute usepeerdns novj novjccomp noipdefault ipcp-accept-local ipcp-accept-remote connect-delay 5000 linkname ppp0

/system/bin/pppd user claro password claro defaultroute /dev/ttyACM0 debug ipcp-no-addresses noipdefault noauth novj noccp usepeerdns asyncmap 0 hide-password lcp-echo-failure 4 lcp-echo-interval 30 modem noauth proxyarp linkname ppp0


/system/bin/log -t pppd “pppd exited with $PPPD_EXIT”

/system/bin/setprop “net.gprs.ppp-exit” “$PPPD_EXIT”


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